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Recycle & Composting Equipment offers bagging machinery and brush cutters

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Recycle & Composting Equipment  is a Queensland-based distributor of eco-friendly recycling and waste disposal machinery. Machinery for recycling operations such as bagging and filling waste, crushing, compost turning and grinding is offered. Equipment manufactured by predominantly US and Australian companies are supplied by Recycle & Composting Equipment. Industry-specific equipment can also be bought at Recycle & Composting Equipment.

In the bagging and sealing category, Recycle & Composting Equipment, offers machinery made by Bag`N’Seal and Slootweg Machinefabriek. Bag`N’Seal machinery are semi-automatic machines that can operate either as stationary or mobile units. In the brush cutter and shredder section, brands such as Brown Bear, Promac, Slashbuster, Rock-Hound and Vrisimo are available. Recycle & Composting Equipment also supplies brush cutters in its own brand name called RCE.

Crushers for the mining and construction industries are also available at Recycle & Composting Equipment. New Dimension crushers, M200 mini crusher, LEM 6040 jaw crusher, LEM 4825 compact crusher, Compact tracked jaw crusher and Simex bucket crushers are some of the models available in the crusher category.

Recycle & Composting Equipment provides spare parts and service for all these machinery.

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