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Pipe fittings manufactured by Recycled Plastic Technology

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Recycled Plastic Technology  is a plastic pipe maker from New South Wales. Plastic recycled from short shelf life, used plastic alone is used to make these pipes and other products. Apart from manufacturing the 100% recycled plastic pipe variety called “The Green Pipe,” Recycled Plastic Technology produces other instruments such as pipe locks, headwalls, flaps & chains and slidegates.

Pipe-locks from Recycled Plastic Technology are made to fit the “Flanged” Green Pipes. They come with a rubber ring seal and an over-centre locking system. These locks can be used in both downstream and upstream.

Winged headwalls from Recycled Plastic Technology are also made from recycled plastic. Light weight but sturdy, these headwalls are designed with star picket lugs to provide stabilisation. These head walls can be easily cut with a chain saw or jig saw and can be fitted with all types of pipes. A small headwall can fit culverts with sizes ranging from 250 mm (10”) to 450mm (18”).

Recycled Plastic Technology also manufactures fittings to be used with The Green Pipe. They are 90 degree weld elbows, angles and ‘T’ pieces, combination lobster and ‘T’ piece, and reducer.

Recycled Plastic Technology uses aluminium to produce flaps & chains and slidegates. Both products are designed to fit all types of Green Pipes. Flaps & chains come with a one-way valve model action and are best used in tidal situations. Slidegates are light weight and are used to regulate water flow.

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