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Crushes and hay feeders offered by Red River Rural

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Red River Rural  is a manufacturer and supplier of stock yards and accessories. Red River Rural has offices in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. Apart from making various types of stockyards, Red River Rural manufactures crushes, hay feeders, dog cages and others.

Red River Rural produces crushes that can be operated with a single hand. These crushes can survive the most demanding weather conditions. Head bails built with heavy metal and galvanised steel are also available. These head bails come with an adjustable locking system, two Red River panels and a Red River slide gate. Bulk gates and a chin bar can also be fitted to the head bails.

Red Horn Crush and Red Star Crush are two other types of crushes available with Red River Rural. Both these models are constructed with heavy metal and galvanised steel. These models include two split side gates with covered lower section, slam catches and heavy hinged joints. The Red Star Crush also includes a vet crush and is suitable for all cattle breeds. While the two optional attachments for Red Horn Crush are a chin bar and bulk gates, the Red Star Crush can be fitted a chin bar and bank gates.

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