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Diesel Welding Accessories from Redstar Equipment

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Redstar Equipment offers their range of quality diesel welding accessories, which includes welding lead sets, wire feeders and custom designed welding trailers made to suit any application.

Redstar Equipment provides diesel welding accessories that are catered to suit a wide range of industries, from mining industry to contracted applications in the suburbs.

The Redstar Equipment diesel welding accessories include:

  • 10m & 20m 400amp electrode lead with connectors
  • 10m & 20m 400amp work return lead with connectors
  • 10m & 20m Extension leads with connectors
  • LN25 Pro wirefeeders complete with torch and drive rolls
  • Pigtail Dinze
  • Pigtail Lug
  • Electrode Lead 10m 400 Amp Twist
  • Work Return Lead 10m 600 Amp Brass
  • Extension Lead 10m 70mm Cable
  • Extension Lead 20m 70mm Cable
  • LN25 Pro Wirefeeder
  • Gouging Torch 1000 Amp
  • Roll Frame with 120% Bunded Base
  • Fuel Overflow Spill tray
Lead sets are available in 50mm and 70mm cable and use only the highest quality welding cable and accessories.

Redstar Equipment also offers spare parts for welders, as well as a service department that can assist in sourcing parts and welder models.

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