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Cultivation of cotton by Paul Reinhart (Australia)

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Paul Reinhart (Australia)  specialise in supplying cotton to the cotton merchants. Paul Reinhart (Australia) supply cotton from the grower to the spinning mill. The cultivation of cotton is a long process and it takes around 150 to 200 days. The cotton is cultivated in places that have moderate rainfall and plenty of sunshine.

The cottonseed is picked and transferred to gin. At the gin, the fibres of the cotton are separated from the seed. The harvesting and ginning methods are carried out based on the quality, weather and variety of the seeds. Around thirty-five to forty percent weight of the cottonseed is taken over by the cotton fibre. These are compressed into bales of 170 to 380 kilos based on the origin of the crop. Cottonseed is used for animal feed, cooking oil and it is ideal for industrial applications.

Paul Reinhart (Australia) transport the cottonseed to the port. Transportation, financing and storage of cottonseed are considered as key features by the cotton merchant. Then this cotton are classified and transported to the required destination by Paul Reinhart (Australia). The cotton fibres are converted to yarn in the spinning mill. The yarns are then used for knitting and weaving of fabrics.

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