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Organic cotton from Paul Reinhart (Australia)

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Paul Reinhart (Australia)  are involved in trading raw cotton. Paul Reinhart (Australia) offer organic cotton from a wide range of regions. Paul Reinhart (Australia) acts as an intermediate between the growers and spinners. Paul Reinhart (Australia) help the organic growers who are involved in production of organic cotton.

Paul Reinhart (Australia) support the organic cotton growers right from the stage of cultivation to the harvesting stage. The harvesting of cotton is carried out by two methods like machined picked and hand picked. These cotton crops are harvested during the appropriate season. After harvesting, the ginning of cottonseed is carried out. Ginning process include saw ginned and roller ginned applications. After ginning process, raw cotton and seed cotton is separated.

Raw cotton obtained is ideal for use in textile sectors. It is used for various applications like yarn, knitted fabric, terrycloth, fabrics, medical, technical and industrial products. The seed cotton obtained is classified into seed cotton and linters. Cottonseed are used as oil stearin, coking oil, fertiliser, cattle feed and glycerine. The linters are used as polymers, papers. It is also used as industrial product.

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