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Combo gasifiers from RenewedUnder create eco-friendly fuel at a cost saving

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RenewedUnder Pty Ltd.  supplies a range of gasifiers including the Combination Biomass Gasifier Series (Combo).  Gasifiers are used to turn biomass into a cleaner gas fuel, which is more efficient and pure than biomass itself.   

The gasifiers use a renewable energy source to create a more ecologically friendly and cost efficient fuel for powering electric fences, water pumps and mall to medium industry in rural areas.  

The Combo series of gasifiers is ideal for converting a variety of biomass into energy, including:

  • almond shells
  • bamboo pieces
  • coconut shells
  • corncob
  • cotton stalk
  • rice husk (no need for briquetting)
  • saw dust
  • spent tea waste
  • threshed mustard
  • wood chips and pieces  
Features and benefits of using the Combo gasifiers includes:
  • high conversion efficiency from solid biomass to gaseous fuel of 70 - 80%
  • 48 Kg - 720 Kg of biomass consumption per hour
  • produces a thermal output of 100,000 kCal – 1,500,000 kCal per hour
  • 3 Kg of biomass can fuel the same as 1 litre of diesel/petrol at a fraction of the price
  • produces gas with high hydrogen content
  • creates a fuel with very complete and clean combustion
  • wide turn down ratio
  • reduced environmental impact by using biomass fuels
  • renewable energy source
  • cost efficient
(1 Kg of biomass produces approximately 2.5 m3 to 3.0 m3 of gas and 1 m3  of gas has a calorific value of 1000 - 1100 kcal)  

Contact RenewedUnder to find out more about the applications and benefits of using gasifiers to produce more ecologically friendly power from a renewable energy source.  

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