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Award winners attribute success to Resource Consulting Services agricultural education program

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article image Brendan McClelland recieves the Outstanding Achievement in Business award from Paul F. Harris, attributing his success to Resource Consulting Services agricultural education programs

At the recent Paul F. Harris Awards ceremony, the award for Outstanding Achievement in Business was given to the unsuspecting McClelland family of the Darling Downs, who believe Resource Consulting Services ' agricultural education and consultancy services were essential in their success.

When Brendan McClelland and his family were nominated for the award, they certainly were not looking to win anything for the work they do to regenerate their landscape and create a successful business, so when they were announced as the winners of the Paul F. Harris Award for Outstanding Achievement, they were understandably surprised.
“It wasn’t on the radar at all and we were absolutely honoured to accept the prize,” said Mr McClelland.

The award recognises outstanding achievements in the last 12 to 18 months in areas of significant financial improvement, overcoming human and physical obstacles, and making significant breakthroughs in a producer’s business, industry and relationships.

Brendan McClelland and wife Madeline, together with sons Nick and Cory won for the success of their mixed farming business near Bell on the Darling Downs, which, over the past 25 years, has evolved to now support approximately 14 staff, with a large part of operations involving the sale of pig genetics, encompassing an artificial insemination centre.

The McClelland family believe it was the Resource Consulting Services agricultural education program they got involved with through the GrazingforProfit school about six years ago that gave them the support they needed for business growth. The program taught each of them the essential strategies needed for both business and personal challenges.

“The fact that Paul Harris has seen the need to recognise what people are achieving in agriculture is great and for those who work hard on the land, it has certainly been appreciated,” said McClelland.

“The Resource Consulting Services agricultural education program and GrazingforProfit have been great learning tools for our whole family and extremely worthwhile. I would encourage others to do the program,” he adds.

Resource Consulting Services agricultural education and consultancy services provider and cell grazing founder, Terry McCosker, paid tribute to the McClelland family when he presented the Paul F. Harris Award, saying the business had consistently been profitable despite severe price variations.

“The McClelland’s have expanded their horizons into grain production and cell grazing, and in addition they have expanded their market and reputation throughout Australia and overseas,” McCosker said.

“Brendan’s business is very focussed on high performance genetics and as a result, produces some of the best genetics in Australia," he added.

McCosker praised Brendan for his determination to find ways of overcoming obstacles, such as the drought and severe fluctuations in the price of pigs and grain. Furthermore, he acknowledged their strength in overcoming disasters like the fire that burnt out one of their piggeries, and also the swine flu epidemic.

The Paul F. Harris Awards came about because of businessman Paul Harris, who as a past member of the Resource Consulting Services Executive Link (EL) Board believed there was not sufficient recognition of great successes in agriculture. He felt it was important to create an annual award for participants in the EL who were overcoming challenges and making outstanding gains within their business.

Now members of the EL, the McClelland family were eligible for the award along with 11 other EL graduates, also recognised for their achievements.

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