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Farmers will seek a connection between nutrition and landscape health at the Resource Consulting Services International Conference

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article image Jerry Brunetti will speak at the Resource Consulting Services International Conference on food production, human health and landscape health

Food researchers and agricultural experts will come together at an international agricultural forum organised by Resource Consulting Services  in Brisbane on July 20 to discuss the links between nutrition, human health and landscape health.

Cell grazing founder and forward-thinking agriculturalist Terry McCosker believes that speakers at the Resource Consulting Services International Conference will be exploring the need for significant changes in current agricultural practices to avoid long term ramifications for our community’s health and our environment.

“Farmers and graziers are becoming increasingly concerned about how they can produce healthy food for the table whilst maintaining their landscapes,” Mr McCosker said. “Science, the environment and nutrition are all interconnected. Maintaining this relationship is pivotal to human health and landscape health.”

In a complete turnaround for agricultural forums, this international conference on the future of the industry will focus on a direct connection between farming businesses and human health.

The International Conference which celebrates 20 years of Resource Consulting Services influence, will display what is believed to be the three great challenges of this era – food production, landscape health, and human health.

These challenges all focus on farming practices and will be addressed by keynote speakers who have each been exposed to these issues on a global scale.
Keynote speaker Julian Cribb, of the University of Technology in Sydney, will explore the scientific challenges facing world food production, while Jerry Brunetti of Pennsylvania, USA
will address the nutritional challenge of the era which he sees as turning the tide on human health. NFF’s Gary Leech will discuss soil carbon trading as a pathway to improving landscape health.

“We know that health can be undermined because of a lack of nutrients from fresh food in our diets,” he said. “This conference will investigate the current farming methods and
whether the way we work the land has a direct impact on the standard of our produce as well as our ecological health.”

Resource Consulting Services' focus is on regenerating the agricultural landscape for the sake of better produce and healthier lifestyles.

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