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RCS’ agricultural education can be a life-changing experience

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Grazier Burgh Blomfield began his rural profit learning experience sceptical about whether Resource Consulting Services (RCS) could offer anything to improve his farm business and lifestyle.

As it turned out, enrolling in a local Grazing for Profit (GFP) course was the beginning of a life changing process for the New South Wales producer who went on during the next decade to embrace every stage of the RCS Rural Profit System training program.

In fact Burgh was so impressed that he re-enrolled in the GFP course with his son, Nick, to revisit the motivational, positive learning environment the experience presents.

Nick Blomfield of Cheyenne near Walcha, decided to continue his education of rural profit systems after realising the potential it could bring to his business. Nick did RCS’s Applied Grazing Course in Tamworth last year and has not looked back. As GFP graduates, he and Burgh have seen great results with their management using RCS principles.

“We have applied and continue to develop the grazing and nutritional management on our place,” Nick said. “Increasing stock density by having smaller and smaller paddocks gives us much greater control over pasture growth and quality. We also have more flexibility heading into a drying season with the rotation knowing exactly what feed availability we have left. Even when it is dry we will be moving onto fresh feed for 4 to 8 weeks before we need to take any major action, which is very comforting.”

According to Nick, although Cheyenne is in a 31 inch rainfall area and have only had 12 inches this year, things are looking better than they have for a very long time because of their new management strategies.

Burgh believes courses like the RCS ones he has done has made his family think differently and present a huge learning environment if people are open to absorbing new and different ideas.

“It was the farmers’ business school that was a catalyst for change,” Burgh said. “You’re taught that if there is a crisis looming, then it is best to precipitate it, to have the courage to bring it on and make the necessary changes in the business.”

“Rural Profit training presents a completely different perspective on the grazing business. My whole concept of the farm changed when I realized that by using more inputs you can make the farm produce more, but it is not sustainable.”

In his youth, attending what was then Gatton Agricultural College in south-east Queensland, Burgh was taught very little about business in the animal husbandry course he undertook.

“The GFP school threw me out of my tree, especially when the Profit Probe results were distributed on the final day,” Burgh said.

The completely different perspective he now has on the grazing business has emerged from his education which enlightened him about the value of compounding interest and the snowballing effect it generates.

Nick says that the stand-out element he learned from RCS principles is how to manage native pasture and water cycle with minimum inputs and maintaining animal nutrition along the way. He also cannot stress enough how important it is to have as many stake holders in the business attend a course together.

The course information includes:

  • Importance of increased perennial grasses, ground cover and soil organic matter
  • The 6 essential grazing management principles
  • Connection between ecological health and biodiversity and business profits
  • Carbon cycle and the role of soil organic carbon
  • Proven strategies and tools for profitable property planning, development and management
  • Field trip to see grazing management principles in action
  • How to calculate feed available and feed required for each paddock and property
  • Utilising the nutrient, water and energy cycles to your benefit
  • How to adjust to climate variability and seasonal differences
  • Tools and management skills to monitor and record changes

Event: Applied Grazing Course (AGC) – a practical, hands on 4 day workshop that combines all parts of the grazing management of your business
Location: Tamworth, 13-16 September and 17 September, 2010

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