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RCS to hold 20th Anniversary International Conference to look into grazing industry's future

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20 years ago, Terry McCosker brought Dr Stan Parsons and the Grazing for Profit program to Australia to help introduce a new cell grazing paradigm to the Australian grazing industry – work with nature rather than try to control it. Now 20 years on, Terry and his company, Resource Consulting Services , are preparing to take on another 20 years despite naysayers.

This revolutionary approach to grazing sees graziers focus on building the permanence and resilience of their pastures as the foundation to their livestock business.

Resource Consulting Services' emphasis of working in harmony with nature while still focusing on profitability makes them different from other farming philosophies and is proving to be a highly successful business model for forward thinking farming and grazing business operators. Their progress is seeing them move into areas like carbon farming and subtle energy.

“The first six years of the 1990’s were very tough, contending with drought and enormous opposition from the entrenched ideas of the government departments and research agencies,” says McCosker.

“We tried to get research into cell grazing for three years but were informed that there would be no resources allocated to such ‘snake oil’. Twenty years on we are being copied by these very same agencies and departments, and about 17 years too late to be of any use, active research is now happening surrounding cell grazing,” he adds. 

The popularity of the Grazing for Profit program throughout Australia has accelerated over the past decade with more than 5,000 people now having completed the course.

McCosker is happy that Resource Consulting Services has made a positive contribution to Australian agriculture over the last 20 years. However he is now facing the question on everyones lips - what about the next 20 years?

This year Resource Consulting Services will stage their 20th Anniversary International Conference which will look to the future and provide the leads to the issues that McCosker believes must be addressed.

The 20th Anniversary International Conference will be held in Brisbane from the 20th to the 22nd of July. The main topics of discussion scheduled for the conference will include:

  • Peak oil, peak phosphorus and peak water have enormous implications for agriculture as we move into this millennium, especially given the world population growth. Agriculture felt the effect of oil and phosphorus prices two years ago and the effects of lack of water on Australia’s foodbowl, the Riverina, are increasingly significant.
  • The looming carbon economy requires planning for, despite the deferral of the Emissions Trading Scheme. Lessons must be they learnt from countries like Rhodesia who were affected by international sanctions which cut off their oil supplies overnight.
  • The implications of how food is produced (e.g. nutrient density, genetic modification, low Omega 3 and high Omega 6 levels in meat, etc) on human health are massive. Jerry
  • Brunetti, a vet from the US, will talk about his own battle and victory over cancer and the role food played in this.
  • The potential roles of subtle energy in peoples lives and farming practices are mind-boggling and are the current ‘crack-pot’ idea gestating within Resource Consulting Services that will become mainstream within the next 10 to 20 years. A UK physician speaking at the conference, who is an expert on these matters, will challenge some deeply held beliefs. Audiences will also discover the magic of sound with Chris James and the link between Geomancy and production, from some producers.
“Resource Consulting Services want to challenge, inform and inspire people who attend the conference. There is so much more to be gained in the agricultural sector over the next few decades,” concludes McCosker.

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