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Resource Consulting Services' Grazing for Profit course proves highly valuable to Queensland farmer

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article image Mick and Deb Lavel employ sustainable grazing systems to increase the carrying capacity and ecological health of their landscapes

Sustainable grazing systems are important to the ecological health of the nations landscapes, something a Queensland farmer learnt by attending a Resource Consulting Services ' Grazing for Profit course.

After purchasing the 505 hectare 'Kelvin Downs' property near Clermont as an alternative to buying a house in town, Mick Lavel set about running the property the only way he knew how - traditional set stock.

Then about 10 years ago, a neighbour invited Mick to an Applied Grazing Course in Roma, where the way he looked at the landscape completely changed.

“I could see that traditional methods of grazing were not sustainable and my focus was now on improving the ecological health of the landscape rather than a total focus on the animal,” says Mick.

And so, after consulting with Resource Consulting Services and developing a property plan, the Lavel’s started to implement a new sustainable grazing system in stages.

“With my very basic knowledge mixed with some ordinary seasons, we still managed to increase ground cover, desirable plants and carrying capacity,” Mick explains.

Over time, Mick’s wife Deb became a driving force in their learning journey and management and strategic decision making.

“I am a very passionate driver of where we are heading, which gets back to the basics of 'building resilient landscapes enhanced by time for the benefit of future generations',” says Deb.

“Our resounding principal centres around naturally healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy people,” she adds. 

The Lavel’s believe that there is too much use of fire, chemicals, canopy removal and unmanaged grazing, all of which contribute to loss of vegetation and ultimately loss of fertility, which then leads to land degradation.

The benefits of balanced, natural landscapes are far reaching, environmentally, economically and production-wise. Healthy pasture, improved animal health and production, and sustainable grazing through increasing biodiversity, are just some of the benefits noted by Mick.

Resource Consulting Services' teachings suggest that major benefits include a more permeable, humus rich soil that sequesters carbon, will limit rainfall runoff and erosion of top soil, and will ultimately reduce the silting and nutrient outflows to the rivers feeding estuaries and reefs.

The environmental and economical benefits of implementing sustainable land management practices will improve productivity and the long term viability of Australia's rural enterprises, while ensuring a beautiful, rich landscape for future generations to enjoy.

“For anyone, with or without an agricultural background, the Resource Consulting Services Grazing for Profit course is an extremely solid foundation course to take. It opens up the doors to the importance of the interconnectedness of ecology, economy, personal, and business principles.”

Since completing the Grazing for Profit course, the Lavel's have been able to purchase a neighbouring property on which they implement the same principles and knowledge used on Kelvin Downs, which has now more than doubled its carrying capacity due to the landscapes improved ecological health.

“We know there is no silver bullet for rebuilding our landscapes - but we want to know within ourselves that we’ve really had a go at leaving behind something special,” concludes Mick.

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