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Son attends Resource Consulting Service Grazing for Profit School to carry on Bassett Cattle Company

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When Barclay Bassett’s parents felt their son was in tune with the direction their cattle business needed to take, they encouraged him to take positive and decisive action.

The Bassetts’ belief in their children and their passion for agriculture guided them to enrol both Barclay and his sister, Sarah, in the Resource Consulting Service Grazing for Profit School in Roma.

“My parents realised that we were all finally thinking along the same lines and talking the same way about the best grazing practices for our enterprise at Jenavale,” Barclay said.

“It got to a stage where we were ready to take on some responsibility for decisions made on the property.”

Together with their son and daughter, Edward and Anna Bassett registered for the week long Grazing for Profit School. Barclay’s parents had done the course a few years previously and decided that the whole family would do the training when Barclay and Sarah were ready to take the next step.

“From a young person’s perspective, if you use only the experience of your parents on the land, you are limiting your own knowledge,” Barclay said.

“RCS taught me how to transfer that learned experience onto paper, using formulas, systems and measurements to make calculated judgements about how to carry out your business,” Barclay explained. “This has also shown me how to make decisions based on evidence and not just past activities, which we do together.”  

“We are all on the same page, which I believe is the only way it can work,” Barclay said. “Our carrying capacity and stocking rates are now a measured factor, rather than an estimation, and our movement of stock is planned and decisive. The decision making and the strategies we implement are more formal and based on good reasoning.”

Barclay believes his advantage was due to the fact that his parents had done the course before and knew what could be achieved from the whole family learning together. RCS appears to have taught Barclay that it does not matter what you have been dealt, but how you dealt with what you have. He believes there is much positivity to be gained from RCS training.

“When you look around, there is so much negative thought amongst the rural industry because of drought or debt or flood – everything’s always a struggle on the land. The people who do RCS are passionate about the land and do it not because of the problems, but because of the solutions.”

Barclay will go on to complete the next stage of the RCS training system, Executive Link, after he attends Marcus Oldham College in Geelong next year. “This has been great preparation for college,” Barclay said.

“An RCS School is extremely valuable training because it explains the importance of thinking about the business, not just working in the paddock. When you work on the land, you are in the office just as much as in the paddock and you need to understand spreadsheets, gross margins and how you achieve your profitability.”

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