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Rocca Industries offers GVB520 precision pneumatic metered seed planters

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article image GVB520 seed planters can plant seeds at a rate of approximately 7,200 hills per hour

GVB520 seed planters, now available from Rocca Industries , are capable of injecting a seed into the ground every half-second at a depth ranging from one to three inches, through plastic mulch covered beds or directly into bare ground.

The planting heads on these seed planters can be positioned at any point along the length of the tool bar, making them ideal for vegetable row crops where one to nine row configurations are required.

When in operation, GVB520 seed planters perform four functions at once. First, the machines pre-burn a hole into the plastic mulch with a propane fired turbo torch.

Next, the planting jaw inserts a precise number of seeds (one to two average) into the ground directly through the centre of the pre-burned hole.

The packer wheel then comes in behind it to pack the seed into the hole, before a water nozzle dispenses approximately 1/4 cup of water, or liquid fertilizer, to flush the hole closed and seal the seed into the ground. Each burst of water is timed to the hole, eliminating waste.

All GVB520 planters come completely assembled and set up to the exact specifications of each customer.

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