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Berries picking at Rolin Farms

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Rolin Farms grow quality strawberries and berries in their Elimbah property North of Brisbane.  
The berries growing season begins for Rolin Farms in January when they start laying the plastic mulch, with drip feed irrigation. By February the holes in the plastic are burnt, ready for the strawberry runners.

A team of planters plant the berries runners during the months of March and April while in May the growing plants are weeded and cleaned up ready for picking.

June through to the end of September sees pickers on trolleys picking berries and packers in the packing shed packing the fruits to send to the markets..  

In October and November the plastic is pulled up, the plants are rotary hoed into the soil and cover crops are sown.

December  means relaxation and holiday time for farmers and workers.

Employment opportunities are always available at Rolin Farms between March to mid April and from June to October.

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