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Rossi Boots offers boots for wide fitting feet

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Rossi Boots  provide a wide range of hospitality footwear, living and lifestyle footwear and boots for wide fitting feet. The boots for wide fitting feet offered by Rossi Boots includes Biga, Rocky-safety, Boulder Extra Fit and Penrith-safety series of boots. Boulder Extra Fit wide fitting boots from Rossi Boots come with full cut upper design and it helps in alleviating problems associated with high arches.

The 315 Biga wide fitting boots are ideal for a high instep and it provides comfort when used. The upper part of the boot is made from full grain claret kip leather. The double stitched elastic side panel provides support and strength. The Endura air cushion soles of the boot come with dual-density rubber polyurethane material.

The 792 Rocky-safety is an elastic sided safety boot with full cut upper deign. The 792 Rocky-safety boots from Rossi Boots come with double stitched elastic side panels. The Enigma sole made from thermo urethane provide good contact, flexibility and wearability. The polyurethane cushion of the sole is engineered to provide impact by increasing the comfort and protection. This boot offers resistant against oil and acid. It comes with Rossi tread design and ladder grips.

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16/04/2013 - Firstly the 315 Biga which is a wide full fitting (full fitting on top of the foot) style is not made in the sizes 11.5 or 12.5 (in fact none of our styles are made in size 12.5. But we have styles 906 Boulder (brown) and 909 Burra (black) which are also wide full fitting styles. They are made on the same 'last' as the 315 Biga, they feature the same quality leather upper (except for colour in the 909) but the soles are different. Both are comfortable soles, the 315 has a rubber outer skin on the sole, polyurethane and air pockets in the midsole. The 906 & 909 have a Thermo Urethane outer sole and a polyurethane innersole. This sole difference means the 315 Biga has a heat rating on the sole of 300ºC whereas the 906 & 909 have a heat rating of 140ºC. Both the 906 & 909 are made in size 11.5. If a size 12 is too small for you then your only other option is to go for a size 13 and insert a thicker footbed that may take up some of the room in the boot. Another point is that with the above styles the length doesn't change with a half size, only the width, eg. the 11 & 11.5 are the same length but the 11.5 is wider. Please contact our agent in the USA for service 705 BINGHAMPTON E RAINIER WASHINGTON STATE USA 98576 Ph:360 446 1066 Email:INFO@ROSSIBOOTSUSA.COM. Refer our website www.rossiboots.com.au to view the 906, unfortunately we have not listed the 909 as yet, this is being done in the next few days as it is a new style. Rossi Boots

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