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Rumifeed cattle consumption supplement available now from Rumitek

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Rumitek are pleased to offer customers the Rumifeed consumption supplement, a molasses based controlled supplement delivered directly into the feed trough.

When this consumption supplement is delivered, Rumitek blend Rumifeed Sweet and Rumifeed Sour directly into the trough, a process that enables Rumitek agents to adjust and control the consumption and deliver the desired amount of supplement to each paddock of cattle.

Rumifeed cattle consumption supplement contains a slow release urea and its formulation ensures high levels of protein, phosphorus, trace materials and vitamins are delivered efficiently.

Designed to be fed to cattle in a variety of grazing situations, from dry forage to green pastures, Rumifeed consumption supplement will stimulate the rumen micro-organisms in cattle to increase their daily dry matter intake.

When used as directed Rumifeed will aid in reducing weight loss when grazing dry forage, increase weight gain, improve fertility, and improve overall profitability.

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