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Rural Fencing Supplies offer a range of electric fencing products and accessories designed for livestock safety. Especially with valuable horses, a safe and reliable fence that is highly visible is an important part for their welfare.

Electric fences are circuits powered by energisers which are also grounded. The electric current is sent along the fence wire at about one pulse per second and when the horse touches the fence it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground which will then cause a short and sharp but safe shock.

Horses have a good memory and will remember this experience in the future. This means that the fence will act as a psychological barrier and will keep the horse safe in the long term.
An active, alert animal is often injured because of it’s inherent reaction to run from danger. If the fence is highly visible then this is eliminated.

When planning the electrical fence there are a few things that need to be considered:

•    Power supply
•    Distance of wire
•    Style
•    The animal which the fence is keeping in or out.

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