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Furrow injection products from Rural Liquid Fertilisers

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Furrow injection products from Rural Liquid Fertilisers offer flexibility in the supply of nutrients in a readily accessible form. The application of nutrients vary on the basis of crop requirements or the level of nutrients present in the soil for each paddock on the farm. Rural Liquid Fertilisers also applies wetters that help to combat non-wetting soils. The wetters maintain the moisture around the seed for a longer duration, giving it more time to establish itself.

Fertigation products, provided by Rural Liquid Fertilisers, offer benefits such as the prevention of nutrient loss below the root zone. These nutrients include sulphur, nitrogen and potassium. Other benefits are the efficient use of fertilisers by saving about 20 to 50 per cent of the expenses, saving labour, fuel and machinery, reducing mechanical damage to the crop, ability to feed plants frequently in small doses, precision method applications and so on.

Broad spectrum foliars from Rural Liquid Fertilisers are also known as Crop Specific Foliars. These products from the company have high concentrations of various nutrients in a single product that heighten deficiencies resulting from paddock inconsistencies.

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