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Seed treatment products from Rural Liquid Fertilisers

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Rural Liquid Fertilisers  offers products for seed treatment, fertigation, furrow injection, broad spectrum foliars, single element foliars, mixing tanks, granular fertilisers, crop protection chemicals, water soluable fertilisers and foliar tank mix supplements. During the year 1999, Rural Liquid Fertilisers introduced the BSN range of seed primers.

Rural Liquid Fertilisers was the only company to trade seed priming technology in broadacre cropping. 'BSN' is developed from a range of Australian [crop specific] broad spectrum nutrient seed primers. The BSN range is introduced after studying the successful results that are achieved by Australian farmers with RLF products.

The main benefits of priming the seed along with phosphate and trace element-rich BSN enables to establish healthier seedlings with an increased root surface area at an earlier stage. The usage of BSN range in root system surface area increases as well as improves the uptake of soil nutrients (like granular fertilisers). It also ensures that the seedling survives even in adverse conditions such as erosion or drought.

The seed treatments of Rural Liquid Fertilisers incorporate the Seed Delivery System (SDS) which enables the nutrients to penetrate safely and effectively into the seed which in turn increases the seed’s base nutrient level to required levels.

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