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Sevaan Group to stock post and picket removers in rural Australia

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article image Sevinn XPR is simple to use

Australian fabrication specialist Sevaan Group is partnering with rural retail giant, CRT to stock its patented Sevinn post and picket removers in hundreds of stores around the country.

Particularly aiming to serve regional Australia where there is great demand for Sevaan’s simple and OH&S-friendly technology, the agreement will see the Standard Sevinn XPR and Heavy Duty units stocked across at least 420 stores nationally. Stocking in CRT stores allows potential new users to see it first-hand and test its use at a nearby location.

Executive Director of Sevaan Group, Mr Tony Panrucker explains that the new arrangement will bring Sevaan Group closer to many industries through a nationwide, yet localised presence.

According to Mr Panrucker, the XPR has been received very well by users across a wide range of maintenance groups and industries since its launch in the market less than a year ago.

Stocking Sevinn post and picket removers at CRT stores nationwide will not only bring their technology closer to the rural and farming sectors, but also put them right in front of the various mining centres across the country as well as many government bodies and agencies that maintain roads and other public works equipment.

Additionally, market gardeners, cottage industries and large commercial growers of fruits, vegetables and flowers are being made aware of this technology for fast and easy removal of tomato stakes and bulb poles that are often handled in their hundreds.

The Sevaan Group is also entering international markets and will soon formalise various overseas supply agreements. However, the agreement with CRT will ensure total domestic coverage across the entire nation.

The Sevinn XPR post and picket removers are ideal for removing barrier fencing, temporary pickets, old and ageing poles that have been entrenched in the ground for decades, livestock enclosures, barriers in mines, and sidings in rail and public works. The XPR’s focus on occupational health and safety will be seen favourably against competitors in the market. 

XPR has a very strong mechanical advantage that allows safe and easy removal of star posts, Y-star posts and T-sections. No human lift factor is required as it works from ground-level. When positioned on the ground, its friction blade digs into the periphery of the post at an acute angle and gives the post no option except to move upwards and out of the ground, once the operator begins the downward foot action.

The XPR post removers require no more energy or force than that required by a common foot pump used to inflate a bicycle tyre. It breaks the seal formed by the soil and moisture that holds the pole in place.

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