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S.J.B. AG-NUTRI is an Australian liquid fertilizer company; Organically Chelated Soil & Foliar Liquid Fertilizers, Cost effective, Very safe to use, Australian made, High plant availability, Compatible with Agri-chemicals, Excellent leaf binding properties and rainfastness, Rapid uptake and translocation of applied nutrients


Supplier news
25/07/08 - SJB Ag-Nutri offers LIG-NIT liquid fertilisers. These liquid fertilisers have a high percentage of nitrogen. LIG-NIT liquid fertilisers can be used as effective alternatives for granular products.
Supplier news
24/07/08 - SJB Ag-Nutri provides LIGNO-BORON liquid fertilisers for effective plant growth. This liquid fertiliser has a safe complexed formulation that has been specifically formulated for sensitive crops including almonds, olives, strawberries, vines, mangoes
Supplier news
23/07/08 - LIG-ZINC+Mn liquid fertilisers from SJB Ag-Nutri function by producing auxins. These liquid fertilisers produce auxins for various crops including grapevines and potatoes.

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