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Low pressure and irrigation pumps from SMK Agriculture

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SMK Agriculture  provides a comprehensive range of pumps. These pumps can be used for irrigation, water transfer and drainage applications. Different types of pumps from SMK Agriculture include low pressure pumps and irrigation pumps. SMK Agriculture supplies self priming as well as mixed flow pumps for water transfer and low pressure flood irrigation applications. These pumps could be coupled to different models of diesel engines.

SMK Agriculture provides ISO centrifugal pumps for high pressure surface irrigation applications. Various brands of ISO centrifugal pumps include Davey, Grundfos, Southern Cross and Ajax. The split case pumps are also capable of delivering high pressure water for various irrigation applications. SMK Agriculture manufactures pumps on solid steel bases along with other features such as shutdown panels and throttle controls.

Low pressure pumps, manufactured by SMK Agriculture, are available in two different sizes such as 100 millimetres and 150 millimetres. These pumps possess diesel engines with engine capacity averaging to about 20 horsepower and 30 horsepower. Irrigation pumps from SMK Agriculture have varying capacities which include five litres per second, 10 litres, 30 litres and 50 litres per second.

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