SOLAIR is a main dealer of Solarventi. Solarventi is the only product that replaces damp air with hot dry air, removing mouldy and damp conditions that lead to the cause of breathing problems such as asthma in children. Its also the perfect product for all forms of drying out rooms, removing odours and cleans air naturally.


Supplier news
14/02/11 - Solar Whiz fans from Solair are powerful solar powered heat extraction fans that operate completely off the grid and are ideal for solar roof ventilation.
Supplier news
17/01/11 - Solair has introduced a new high powered roof ventilation system, Solar Whiz.
Supplier news
06/09/10 - SolarVenti dehumidifiers work by a heating and dehumidifying process through pumping in dry, filtered, fresh air to remove dampness and mould.

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Unit 1 2/4 Bonnal Road
NSW 2250
Tel: 0449 247 379
Fax: 02 4385 6912

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