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The SolarVenti range of dehumidifiers

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With the arrival of Spring, humidity is again an issue. SOLAIR are dedicated to the cost effective solution of ventilation and damp problems within the home/office. They also supply solar powered thermal space heating and cooling. Their solar systems can be either roof or wall mounted and can also be specifically designed to suit client needs.

SolarVenti dehumidifiers work by a heating and dehumidifying process through pumping in dry, filtered, fresh air to remove dampness and mould which in turn, reduces health risks such as Asthma and other bronchial illness’s. Solarventi dehumidifiers can also be used to eliminate sick building syndrome.

The SolarVenti range of dehumidifiers is an environmentally friendly way to heat your home or office and also frees it of toxins and unwanted smells, whilst creating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. SolarVenti also offers optional free cooling in the summer.

Solair dehumidifier products are not simply about getting rid of mould and musty smells. They are about future proofing your property through the prevention of termites, rot, decay and deterioration.

They also supply additional heating Ethanol fires (Black & Stone), sub-floor systems (A2G), roof ventilation systems (Solar whiz) and vapour barriers to keep your home dry, clean, fresh and healthy.

The above products are also an ideal answer in a busy modern lifestyle, as they have no running costs, need no maintenance and have zero carbon emissions.

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