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Ammend- Water Conditioner

SST Australia's Ammend liquid ammonium sulphates are spray additives that have been specifically designed and manufactured to assist various herbicides in hard water.

The Ammend liquid ammonium sulphates are versatile spray additives and can be mixed with various herbicides including Glyphosate, MCPA and 2,4-D salts.

High Quality Liquid Ammonium Sulphates Water Conditioners

These ammonium sulphates are water conditioners for use with agricultural chemicals affected by hard or problematic water.
  • Hard Water: Bonds to calcium and magnesium ions in the water, Dim products sensitive to bicarbonates in problem water
  • Compatibility: Where glyphosate and triazines are being mixed, AMMEND minimises the antagonism
  • Droplet Concentration: AMMEND increases the droplet’s ionic concentration assisting with chemical uptake by the plant
  • Fast Uptake: Far more rapid uptake of chemicals can occur with the liquid form of AMMEND
  • Translocation: AMMEND is easily moved through the plants to the growing points, this assists with the movement of the chemical through the plant improving the translocation of chemistry.
  • Brown Out: A faster brown out will be noticed due to an increase in plant activity at the time of spraying
  • Australian Formulation: Ideal for assisting chemistry in the limiting Australian agricultural environment
Ammend assists with herbicidees such as Glyphosate, MCPA and 2,40D salts in hard water. 
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