​Bi-Agra Water Retention Aid from SST Australia

​Bi-Agra Water Retention Aid from SST Australia
​Bi-Agra Water Retention Aid from SST Australia
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Bi-Agra from SST Australia is a new generation water retention aid that has been specifically designed for broadacre use where watering-in is restricted. Application of Bi-Agra prolongs turf health and vigour, ensures efficient water use and reduces the frequency of irrigation.

The bi-active formula of Bi-Agra improves water penetration and stores moisture around the root zone

  • Turf treated can retain up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture at field capacity
  • Watering-in immediately is not essential when applied properly
  • Mixes easily with water

Bi-Agra is suitable for use in applications:

  • Preventative treatment for moisture loss in turf and other crops
  • Long term water retention in sports fields and broadacre areas where increased moisture retention is desirable
  • For sensitive situations, a trial over a small area before a large scale application is recommended

Maximum benefit from Bi-Agra will be achieved by washing into the full root zone of the turf (approximately 75-100mm) with 15-20 mm irrigation or rainfall within 24 hours of application. 

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