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Companion Spray Control

Companion are acidifying spray oils manufactured to buffer, spread, penetrate and assist with spray drift management within the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Companion Spray Control can be used in cold water

  • Summer Spraying Oils: Highly effective on the active weed enhancing summer spraying while minimising the effects of evaporation. Enhances droplet lifetime
  • Drift Reduction: Minimises the production of fine drift able droplets. Reduces the risk of spray drift
  • Acidifies: Lowers the pH of the spray tank to 4-5 extending the life of chemicals affected by alkaline hydrolysis
  • Spray Coverage Improvement: The spray droplet is spread out on the leaf surface enhancing chemical uptake
  • Anti Evaporation: Limits the droplets that evaporate due to Delta-T increasing deposition of spray on leaf surface whilst lengthening droplet lifetime improving chemical uptake
  • Penetration Improvement: Companion has penetration qualities that assist with chemical uptake through the wax cuticle. Enhancing chemical uptake and assisting with improving chemical performance
Companion acts as a buffering acidifying agent that assists in performance of pesticides in alkaline or hard water. 
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