​Dri-Gon from SST Australia

​Dri-Gon from SST Australia
​Dri-Gon from SST Australia
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Dri-Gon from SST Australia is a special purpose, non-ionic surfactant that is suitable for use in most situations where water repellency inhibits or prevents the growth of turf, gardens and horticultural crops.

Dri-gon provides rapid penetration of water to highly water repellent soils, even as it dilutes while watering it in

  • Helps prevent dry patches in turf and lawns
  • Helps prevent weak root growth, poor nutrient uptake, low crop yields or death of sensitive plants and turf
  • Long lasting, with some applications functioning for up to twelve months
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Spot treatments with a hand gun can be used to treat problem spots if they occur

Easily applied, Dri-gon can be used for a range of situations and applications:

  • Turf Boom Spray for golf greens and tees and fairways
  • Direct Injection Irrigation is suitable for all situations
  • Domestic garden lawns and flower beds

Weekly or fortnightly application of Dri-gon in irrigation water at low dilution will provide excellent turf vigour and prevention of dry patches.

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