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Foamex Foam Suppressants

The Foamex foam suppressants have been designed and manufactured to effectively eliminate excessive foam from forming in your spray tanks, so that they are able to be filled without complications.

High Quality Foam Suppressants prevent excessive foam forming while filling the tank for spraying 

  • Faster Filling: Enables more rapid filling of the spray tank, saving valuable time so spraying can commence faster
  • Improves Safety: Most overflow foam is chemically contaminated causing a health risk which is minimised by using FOAM-EX
  • Granular Agitation: Allows for full agitation of granular products without the excessive foam forming
  • No Chemical Interaction: No interaction with wetters used, no interaction with chemical formulations. Only works on the surface of the water in the tank
  • Low Rate: Only a small amount of product is used per tank load. A cupful should easily stop the whole tank from foaming
This concentrated foam suppressant reduces foam generation in spray tanks. 
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