Longlife Marker Foams for Improved Performance in a Variety of Weathering Conditions from SST

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Longlife Marking Foams

The Longlife range of foam markers have been manufactured and designed to provide outstanding performance under various difficult conditions such as in hard water or in very cold situations.

Foam Markers are long lasting even under extreme conditions 
  • Longer under temperature extremes: Spray foam can break down quickly under extremes in temperature, LONGLIFE FOAM is designed for the temperature extremes we see in the paddock
  • Fully Biodegradable: Being fully biodegradable the foam breaks down totally in the paddock with no environmental concerns
  • High Expansion: LONGLIFE FOAM has the ability to product more foam volume due to the fact that it has high expansion capabilities
  • Cold Conditions: Cold conditions can cause real foaming issues with product going thick in the drum, LONGLIFE FOAM has been specially formulated to handle these cool conditions
Experience the difference with Longlife Foams available in White, Pink, Blue and HiLite for varying textured and coloured surfaces. 
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