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Seedwet Soil Wetters

The Seedwet wetting agents are unique spray additives that have been designed and manufactured for broadacre use by band spray application to water repellent soils to assist in germination and establishment of planted crops.

Seedwet is a wetting agent for broadacre use
  • Hydophobic Soils: Seedwet assists to wet hydrophobic (non wetting) soils in broadacre agriculture
  • Improved Germination: Improved germination percentage of seed in hydrophobic soils, assists with strong early growth of the plant
  • Unique Formulation: Designed in Australia for the unique soil and environmental conditions that we experience, premium quality to aid in the Australian non-wetting sands and hydrophobic soils
  • Band Application: Applied as a spray band behind the press wheel to focus the wetting ability at seed placement

Using Seedwet ensures better water penetration

  • Soil holds more moisture to assist germination
  • Increased germination percentage
  • Strong early vigor
  • Reduces leaching potential of the soil
Seedwet soil wetter optimise moisture availability and increase yields.

These soil wetters have been formulated to prevent leaching later in the growth stage of crop development for soil management and soil improvement.
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