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Soil wetting agents from SST Australia

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SST Australia  offers a number of soil wetting agents, including the following:

  • Aquaforce - This premium wetting agent for difficult to wet turf can be applied every three months where resources are scarce or monthly for optimum turf maintenance where resources are available.
  • Restore - This is a general purpose wetting agent for use where minimal watering in is preferable, or minimal water application volumes are available.
  • Drigon – This is an economical general purpose wetting agent
  • Breakthru Gold – This is a highly penetrative wetting agent for curative use on persistent dry-patch or areas that dry out quickly.
  • Aquaforce Hose-on – This is viewed as a preferred wetting agent by superintendents and green keepers for golf, bowls and playing fields.
  • Broadwet - This economical highly effective wetting agent is ideal for broadacre use (such as fairways, playing fields etc.).
  • Restore Granules – This is a granular wetting agent for easy application to garden beds and surrounds, or at renovation.

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