Spreadwet 1000 Soil Wetters from SST Australia

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Sreadwet 1000 Soil Wetters

The Spreadwet 1000 wetters are spray additives that have been specifically manufactured and designed to be used with herbicides to offer farmers with premium 1000 g/L nonionic wetting agents.

Spreadwet1000 are formulated to 1000g/L active product giving the best wetting results

  • Soil Wetters: Unique SST formulation gives SPREADWET 1000 excellent wetting properties, assists weed spraying and chemical coverage of hard to wet weeds
  • No water in formulation: Unlike several 100% wetters SPREADWET 1000 does not contain any water in its formulation
  • Chemical Company Support: Some chemical companies no longer support the use of some “100%” wetters, SPREADWET is supported and recommended by these chemical companies
The Spreadwet 1000 has unsurpassed quality ensuring excellent results every time. 
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