Tribute Paraffinic Adjuvant Oils by SST

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Tribute Adjuvant Oils

Tribute spray oils from SST Australia are adjuvants manufactured and designed to be used with post emergent herbicides.

Tribute is a Parrafin Spray Oil for herbicide spraying and agricultural chemical performance 

  • Wetter: Spreads the spray droplets on the leaf surface giving better coverage
  • Penetration: Tribute has penetration qualities that assist with chemical uptake through the wax cuticle
  • Anti-Evaporation: Limits the droplets that evaporate due to Delta-T increasing deposition of spray on leaf surface. Lengthens droplet lifetime improving uptake of the chemical
  • Drift Reduction: The herbicides minimise the production of fine drift able droplets and reduces the risk of spray drift
  • Cold Water: Do not use mineral oil in water <100C
  • No Aromatic Solvents: No harsh solvents are used in the formulation of Tribute spray oils that may contribute to crop damage. Contains technically superior surfactant to enhance its performance as a spray oil
Tribute Adjuvant Oils are to be used with post emergent herbicides. 
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