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Two New Adjuvant Products from SST

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SST Australia  introduces two new registered adjuvant products developed for use in the agricultural industry for better spray performance.   

Wetout Adjuvants

Wetout is a new 100% non-ionic surfactant developed for use with many agricultural sprays. Wetout can typically be used at ½ to ¾ of the rate of standard wetting agents.  

One of the key benefits provided by Wetout adjuvants is the reduction of spray drift.    

Conventional wetting agents actually increase spray drift through reduction in droplet size, leading to production of more driftable droplets.  

While this enhances spray coverage, it also leads to quicker evaporation of sprays in warm conditions that can reduce knockdown effectiveness.  

Wetout adjuvants increase droplet VMD resulting in reduced spray drift. The excellent spreading ability and low contact angle of the spray droplets results in significantly better spray coverage.  

Wetout is recommended for use with most knockdown herbicides and can also be used at low rates with selectives.  

Wetout is ideal for requirements where course droplets need to be applied under low volume applications. The reduced tank requirement translates into lesser quantity of product for the grower to handle, lesser drum returns and better margins for the reseller.  

Kondemn Adjuvants  

Kondemn adjuvants use OIP technology (Oil Impregnated Powder) to create a truly multifunctional adjuvant system.  

Kondemn improves the efficacy of knockdown sprays in adverse conditions such as hard water and warm conditions with high Delta T.  

Reduction in spray drift and droplet evaporation by Kondemn adjuvants assists Glyphosate performance by maintaining droplet moisture for longer periods.  

Kondemn comprises of water conditioner with modified oils and non-ionic surfactants to create a multi-component adjuvant system that achieves enhanced spray performance and increased spray efficacy.  

Trials of Kondemn demonstrate that the adjuvant offers better spray performance than individual spray components used together in a spray mix.  

Kondemn eliminates the need for drum returns and enables spray applicators to add all their required adjuvants to the spray tank in one simple step.  

Kondemn and Wetout adjuvants are only available from SST Australia.

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