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Waiken from SST Australia
Waiken from SST Australia
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Waiken is a formulated product that has been designed to stimulate dormancy break in apples and cherries where insufficient chills have occurred, resulting in late bud bursts and extended flowering. Waiken induces a period of dormancy after which the flowers come out in uniformity.

Waiken compresses the flowering period and reduces the available time for flower to open to pollination

  • Useful tool in assisting with fruit thinning in apples
  • Improves the pollination in apples and cherries, resulting in improved fruit set, size and quality
  • Suitable as a pretreatment to fruit thinning in apples as it will compact flowering
  • Spray volumes will vary depending upon crop species, row density and tree size and age

Early application of Waiken brings forward bud burst while late application delays bud burst

  • To advance bud break apply 35-50 days before bud break would normally occur
  • To delay bud break apply from 20 days before bud break would normally occur
  • Apply a good coverage on all branches

To apply Waiken effectively and efficiently, use an airblast sprayer which is calibrated to spray at high volume to give an even droplet size and wet branches evenly and completely.

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