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Soil balance analysis tests from SWEP Analytical Laboratories

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SWEP Analytical Laboratories  specialises in offering agricultural services for sustainable farming and soil improvement. SWEP Analytical Laboratories is considered as a ‘one stop’ testing shop for carrying out soil, water and plant tests. The tests carried out helps in optimising the sustainability and productivity with interpretation using the Mikhail Soil Balance System.

SWEP Analytical Laboratories is involved in conducting soil tests and provide information on collection of soil samples and reading the soil tests. The plant nutrition, soil structure and the biological activity of the soil is to be considered while applying the fertilisers. The Mikhail System from SWEP Analytical Laboratories provides the customer about the knowledge treating the soil as a living system.

Soil and plant tests from SWEP Analytical Laboratories include standard, complete soil balance analysis to name a few. The standard soil balance analysis tests features four-page report along with reports from 23 labs and 11 calculations. Two tests are performed. The cation balance correction test is performed to optimise the friability, structure and physical attributes of the soil. These are based on the percentages of cations like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and hydrogen that are calculated from the adjusted cation exchange capacity. Later, the required recommendations are provided.

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