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Water and effluent tests from SWEP Analytical Laboratories

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SWEP Analytical Laboratories  offers water and effluent tests. These tests by SWEP Analytical Laboratories are carried out with the help of interpretations using the Mikhail Soil Balance System. The water tests include farm water, drinking water, biological contamination, aquaculture water tests.

The farm water tests is ideal for analysing bore, tank, drainage and stream water used for farm applications and for livestock consumption. The farm water tests include 13 tests and its supporting information. SWEP Analytical Laboratories also provides farm water package for testing the presence of elements like chromium, iodine, fluoride, molybdenum, lead, mercury, cadmium in the farm water.

The drinking water test is carried out by SWEP Analytical Laboratories and the customers are provided with 17 tests and its supporting information. The customers are also provided with recommendation including heavy metal analysis in the drinking water. The drinking water is also tested for elements like lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, fluoride, molybdenum and nitrite.

SWEP Analytical Laboratories carries out two types of biological tests to test the presence of E.coli and other Coliforms in the water. The aquaculture and aquarium water tests include 21 lab tests and it is designed for regular analysis of aquaculture operations. The industrial and municipal effluent test come with three-page report with reports from 13 different labs.

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