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Quality tractors available from SYP Motors

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SYP Motors offers reliable services for a range of 4WD tractors of capacities up to 260 horsepower, manufactured by SAME using advanced technology, modern styling and fuel efficient engines. Most of these tractors are designed specifically for various agricultural and industrial applications.

Iron 200 is a type of tractor supplied by SYP Motors runs at 214 horse power and features with automatic controller, precision systems to maximise the tractor's resources. It can be used for road transport, combination work, and open field tillage or ploughing.

The Iron 130 - 180.7 ranges, available from SYP Motors are designed to meet the requirements of farmers. It is a comfortable tractor that can give maximum productivity. It is designed with the combination of the new Deutz Euro II engine with electronic management and overpowers to meet PTO applications.

SYP Motors distributes Silver 115 - 130 range manufactured by SAME that is specially designed for heavy open field ploughing, light tillage, combined work and fast transport. The Silver 115 - 130 range of tractors is manufactured with a combination of innovative technical features with weight distribution. This helps in under tough conditions like ploughing and other heavy duty operations.

SYP Motors also provides Solaris (39 - 51 hp), 403_453_503_603 (40 - 55 hp), Tiger (41 - 64 hp), Argon Classic (55 - 70 hp), Argon F Classic (55 - 70 hp) and many more. SYP Motors offers effective service for agricultural equipment, workshop or on-farm service and repairs, small engine, ride-on mower, and garden care sales, service and repairs, vehicle servicing and repairs among others.

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