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Salco Partners  is a supplier of online herds in Australia. Salco Partners was established in the year 1985 along with the purchase of 30 embryos from Canada. Salco Partners is located in Lang Lang in West Gippsland, Victoria. Salco Partners run both pure and cross-breeding programs, which helps to select growth rates, moderate frame size, temperament, polling and maternal traits. Salco Partners is a member of the Trans-Tasman Salers Breedplan.

The herd variety offered by Salco Partners is based on top Australian and French lineages, which are built up from five imported French heifers during 1989. Salco Partners undertakes simple calving process with Salers that allows the herd to calve unattended every year. Salco Partners offers quality cows and heifers, pedigree and commercial bulls for immediate trade.

The Salers genetics of Salco Partners compared to that of other cattle breeds makes them suitable for achieving optimal hybrid energy through cross-breeding. Salco Partners has an Angus bull that at present produces exclusive commercial calves from Salers cows. The numbers of purebred animals within the herd was built with the help of intensive embryo transfer program along with a large recipient herd.

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