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Salers breed of cattle from Salco Partners

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The Salers breed, provided by Salco Partners , generally matures to a larger animal as compared to other breeds. This breed is adaptive as it was developed in the mountains of France where it often had to survive on poor feed. The Salers breed provided by Salco Partners displays fertility and mobility, allowing an increased number of cows to be placed with a single bull.

The Salers breed from Salco Partners features dark skin pigmentation that protects it against the harsh sun found in its original alpine region. The immense growth of the Salers breed offers more beef products. The Salers breed tolerates harsh conditions but displays strong growth when feed conditions are efficient.

The Salers breed originated in France. Salco Partners provides quality breeding programmes for the convenience of customers. The Salers breed does not have as many eye problems as other breeds and stays cancer-free even under harsh Australian conditions. The company is associated with the Beef Week, that is conducted by a non-profit organisation that represents Victoria’s beef cattle seedstock producers. The care provided by the breeders at Salco Partners is evident in the fact that no purebred Salers mother has died during calving.

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