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Farm data management services from Sapien Technology

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Sapien Technology  is a provider of software and hardware solutions for livestock producers. Sapien Technology specialises in recording systems and data collection systems for the livestock producers. These systems are also compatible with the NLIS electronic tagging and identification system.

Sapien Technology was started in 2003 and provides products that are developed through the RFID technology. Sapien Technology works in a wide range of livestock management areas from individual small scale producers to large scale operations. Sapien Technology has been associated with producer groups, sale yards, transporters and bobby calf scale operators.

Sapien Technology also offers various services to clients including farm and yard survey, site installations, custom software development and data management. The software solutions from Sapien Technology are customised so that they meet the exact needs of clients. New applications are also developed from scratch.

Farm and yard survey is carried out for cattle producers who are unsure of the implementation procedures of NLIS. Sapien Technology also offers on-site visit for the recommendation of the relevant changes needed for implementing the NLIS technology. Data management services are offered as part of the software solutions offered by Sapien Technology.

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