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Sapien Technology offers software solutions for animal husbandry

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Sapien Technology  provides livestock management solutions through appropriate software and hardware products. In addition, Sapien Technology offers various services related to livestock management.

SuperKool is a software offered by Sapien Technology. This software enables the generation of a complete set of reports from the information loaded into a centralised database. SuperKool also records cost transactions related to carcass import. This software is also interfaced to the NLIS so that all client transactions are recorded automatically. Through a secured login feature, this software can be accessed anywhere via Internet.

KoolCollect is another software developed by Sapien Technology. This product helps in animal husbandry and production. KoolCollect calculates the weight gains of animals and also helps in recording the arrival and export data of animals. This software keeps track of herd numbers in trading operations. Audible links are a part of this product, and with the help of large clear screens, it can even be used in yards.

KoolScales is specifically meant for scale operators who are involved in the buying and selling of cattle. This software keeps track of purchasing costs and helps in the generation of tax invoices.

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