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Calving products offered by Sarus

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Sarus  provides calving products, grooming products for livestock and products meant for swine. The calving gauge from Sarus shows the pressure exerted while pulling a cald. The colour gradations in this product indicate pressure from very safe limits to excess pressure. The primary usage of this product is on Ratch-A-Pull and on other double action pullers.

Calf weaners are also offered by Sarus. These control the sucking habit of the calf without any discomfort. The prods in the weaners are long enough to remind the calves yet they do not injure the calves. The weaners are also shaped to prevent side approaches of the udder. It also does not interfere with the grazing of the animal.

One-man calf pullers are available from Sarus as well. These give a good leverage to herdsmen. This product from Sarus has a simple design, which aids in the application of the right amount of assistance mainly for calving situations. Quick application and a manual puller, which is easy to use, are some of the features of this product offered by Sarus. Daisy-Lifter Cowsling is also supplied by Sarus under its calving products range.

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