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Equine products and fiberglass silos offered by Sarus

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Sarus  provides products for cattle, poultry, swine and equine. Sarus also supplies products like feed conveyors, fiberglass silos and grooming products. Under the swine products category, Sarus offers the Socorex syringe, which is a self refilling syringe with a loaded plunger. This syringe has a three-way valve and is available in about six capacities. This product offered by Sarus is ideal for vaccination needs.

The equine dental assistant from Sarus is mainly used for restraining horses during dental procedures. This product has a heavy duty steel construction with a design that facilitates tailgate. Speculum Spreader is another product offered by Sarus, which assists in the equine speculum of resistant and large horses. This spreader is safe, easy to use and also requires less exertion.

The Henderson Equine Castrating Instrument is another product from Sarus. This product was developed in 1994 and it is being tested by Stone Manufacturing since the last four years. This castrating instrument has been used on many horses over the years with successful results. Fiberglass silos of various capacities are also available from Sarus.

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