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Grooming products for livestock supplied by Sarus

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Sarus  is a family-owned business, which offers calving products, swine products, grooming products and equine products. The products offered by Sarus are sourced form manufacturers like Cummins and Son, Carfed Plastic, AZA International, Agritech and Moly Silencer.

The products supplied by Sarus aid in the areas of animal performance, animal husbandry, and the safety and efficiency of animals. Apart from these, Sarus also offers products manufactured by Stone Manufacturing that assist in livestock husbandry. Services for the products are also offered by Sarus.

Grooming products are available from Sarus. These products help in the grooming of livestock especially before shows. Clear or Black Magic is a product, which tames even hard to hold hair. This product from Sarus adds a full look to the animal’s hair. Livestock shampoo is also available from Sarus. This product does not leave any residue and also does not harm the animal’s skin. Livestock shampoo from Sarus is ideal for all animals including dogs and horses.

Sheep trimmers from Sarus are mainly designed for goats and sheep. Trimmers come with heavy duty leather holders, which strap the trimmer through the belt.

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