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Scanclear offers ScanEzy software for NLIS transfer

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Scanclear  offers services related to NLIS scanning for livestock. Scanclear offers contract scanning services for farmers and breeders. This service complies with the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS). Scanclear provides safe handling procedures and transfers, collects and reports all the NLIS data required by clients.

Scanclear also uses a software solution called ScanEzy for executing the NLIS transfer requirements of scale operators and agents. This software has made the process of scanning and tagging easy for scale operators and agents. NLIS transfer can be conducted using the P2P or property to property method by deploying this software. Through P2P, the user is either a buyer or a vendor.

ScanEzy also facilitates third party NLIS transfer where the user can transfer on behalf of a vendor or a buyer. Written authentication is required for this process. Verbal or non-written third party transfer is also possible using ScanEzy.

Sell file transfer is another feature of this software, which can be used by sale yards. The complete software program is available from Scanclear. Technical and phone support services are also offered by Scanclear along with the software.

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