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Seed Distributors offers high yielding plants and crops

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Seed Distributors  is a forage company which provides various crops and plants. Seed Distributors is also involved in the development of new plants, crops and grazing systems. Seed Distributors develops these new varieties by obtaining the genetic material from various sources around the globe.

Seed Distributors is also involved in research investments which result in improvement of crops apart from additional profitability and sustainability to the farmer. Seed Distributors also aims to improve the plant germplasm using genetic improvement techniques and plant breeding. Extensive commercial field testing is also carried out by Seed Distributors for the development of new varieties in plants which can last in the Australian conditions.

Some of the crops dealt by Seed Distributors include clovers, Lucerne, legumes, grasses, forage cereals, rye grass, medical plants and so on. Sowsmart Spring, Sowsmart autumn and Sowsmart Hort are some of the other plants which are dealt by Seed Distributors.

Lucerne is a forage legume which is grown worldwide. This can be incorporated in cropping systems and it is also utilized as a grazing plant. L56 Lucerne has been developed by Seed Distributors. This is a high yielding crop which shows higher persistence in all types of soils. Flexible management is possible with this plant and it is also semi-winter dormant.

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