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Seed Distributors offers ryegrass and covers

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Seed Distributors  is involved in the production of high yielding varieties of crops and plants through constant research and technology. Clover is one of the crops dealt by Seed Distributors. Star White clover is one of the clover varieties produced by Seed Distributors. This is a heat persistent and heat tolerant variety which survives even heavy grazing. This plant is small leaved, has a high stolon density and is also highly productive. The leaves of this plant are dense and the plant is also resistant to nematodes, insect pests and many diseases.

Dalsa sub clover is another variety of clover from Seed Distributors. This plant has good seed production and good herbage production. It regenerates at a better rate than other strains and the seeds have a strong burial.

Ryegrass is another category of plants offered by Seed Distributors. Rocket Annual ryegrass is a tetraploid ryegrass offered by Seed Distributors. This plant is active in winter, has highly soluble carbohydrates and this plant also shows rapid regrowth after grazing. This ryegrass from Seed Distributors has rust resistance. The broad glossy leaves of this ryegrass make it resistant to lodging.

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